Welcome to the Chef & the Wigmaker

Welcome to the Chef & the Wigmaker


Hey friends! 

Welcome to the corner of the web run by Chef Ed Harris, and Jane Harris known as: Chef and the Wigmaker. We decided to combine our talents in this digital space to bring you knowledge for your entrepreneurial journey. With topics ranging from starting your business to creating a web presence we plan to share what we’ve learned along our path in business. 

Chef Ed and Jane come to The Chef and Wigmaker space with over 25 years of experience as managers, and top in retail sales. Together, we have been in business for over 13 years. We currently run three businesses, and are working on a fourth. We do what we love, and hope that it shows. 

We hope you come to The Chef and Wigmaker for encouragement along your business journey. Whether you’ve been in business for a few years, just started, or merely thinking about getting started, we want to help. 

Empowerment, pep talks and pats on the back along the entrepreneurs journey is something we had to do for ourselves. Sometimes, the only resource we had was books, but we want you to have much, much more. 

We want you to have a Chef and a Wigmaker to help provide you with support, resources and the little, or maybe big nudge you need to either take the leap, or stay the course. 

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