JANE HARRIS, The Wigmaker

Jane Harris is the wigmaker, co-owner and mastermind behind glueless wig brand, The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF). With more than 10 years in the beauty business, Jane’s brand, The Virgin Hair Fantasy, is the top choice of wigs among celebrities, entrepreneurs and women that want to up their style game. 

Jane is wife to her best friend, consulting chef Ed Harris, and mother of their three children. Jane grew up in Nigeria with hard working entrepreneurial parents. She watched them sell all types of goods to support the family. At the tender age of 19, her parents sent her to London to attend college. After just 2 years studying business management and marketing, she chose to pack up, move to the states  and finish her degree in Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, Jane got her start in retail, moving quickly from sales associate to management. She spent 15 years in the fast-paced retail business learning valuable skills she still applies today. It was during her retail days that Jane began making wigs as a way to combat her challenges with hair growth. Not one to shy away from bold hair colors or trendsetting haircuts, Jane would switch up her look by changing wigs weekly.

At first, she began consulting with friends and family to find looks to suit their face shape and overall style. But it wasn't until the demands of her day job imposed on scheduling her child's birthday party, that she decided to put her family first and pursue her love of wig making and entrepreneurship full time. In 2011, with only $200 to invest, and a passion for style, quality and customer service, The Virgin Hair Fantasy was born.


Ed Harris is his name, but he's best known as Chef co-owner Knife N Spoon an amazing hub for all things plant based and vegan. Hailing from the Caribbean island of St Lucia, he credits his love for great cuisine to his Guyanese upbringing. With his parent's kitchen serving as a central gathering place for the family, Ed's fire for cooking was ignited at a very young age. His passion blossomed and ultimately was what drove him to New York City to pursue his career as a professional chef.   Thrust into the fast-paced cooking world in the city that never sleeps, he was able to chef in some of the finest kitchens, like Jean George and River Cafe.

Having served in just about every role from executive chef, tournant, expediter, saucier to consulting chef and many in between, he draws from his collective experience to build upon his newest role as a food product developer.  Now with Atlanta as his home base, Chef Ed has launched a line of products which include specialty spices, vegan recipes, breakfast foods, cookbooks, in addition to a line of designer aprons. If he isn't crafting a new flavor fusion in the kitchen, at times he can be found behind the camera, as Ed has appeared on several food shows. He was the winner of Food Network's CHOPPED "Turbot Powered" competition, and has been on "Beat Bobby Flay", "Chef Wanted" with Anne Burrell and a few others. 

Though his passion for cooking runs deep in his veins, community service is something he holds dear to his heart. He has participated in several events to help raise funds for different charities. Some of the organizations he has volunteered for include Autism Speaks, Taste of New York and the James Beard Foundation. Chef Ed's love for people and food all comes together at home as he regularly teaches his family about the power of healthy eating, how to make good choices while shopping for produce, and the art of blending ingredients to make delicious meals for the family. At the end of the day, Chef Ed feels it's most important to instill in his family and friends the mantra to live well, eat well and be well. 

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