5 Steps to Making the Plant Based Transition 


If you're one of many ready to make the transition from plant to animal based, you may have a few questions. The main question is often, where do I start? Over here at Knife and Spoon we're a plant based family. 

Because we've been eating this way for a few years, and Chef Ed is a plant based chef, we can offer a few good tips. Keep reading for help to get you started on your journey. 

Get Rid of all Animal Products

If you're committed to giving plant based eating a chance, start by removing all temptation. Take inventory of your pantry, refrigerator, and anywhere else you keep food. Get rid of anything containing dairy, butter, or any other animal based ingredients. Donate canned items to a local food bank, or share with family and friends. When temptation strikes, you'll only have plant based options to choose from. 

Pantry Restock

After clearing out all the animal based products, it's time to restock! Choose dry beans, canned beans with reduced sodium, and plant based pastas to start with. Go wild with dry herbs for seasoning, we have a few blends from Chef Ed to get you started. Dried herb blends enhance the flavor of your food, without the added salt. 

Gather Recipes

Search vegan recipes online, and gather five to six recipes to begin with. Check the ratings to see what other people thought about the recipe. Be sure it's food you enjoy also. It's easier to stay the course when food is delicious, and you have a few recipe options to choose from. After recipes are gathered, it's time to make your way to the grocery store. 

Plan Your Grocery Trip

After you know what recipes you plan to prepare, it's time to gather your list of ingredients, and head to the grocery store. When shopping, stick to the perimeter for fresh vegetables and fruit, along with frozen varieties. Seasonal produce is often more abundant, and also less expensive. A quick search online will tell you what's in season as you prepare for your shopping trip. 

Gather Support

If you have supportive friends or family on a similar journey, tell them about yours. Share recipes, and ask for any helpful tips. Swap stories and experience. Build your support group to reach out to if you should have questions. 

If you're on Instagram, search the hashtags; #plantbased, and #veganrecipes, #veganchef and see what comes up. A hashtag search is great for finding recipes, tips, and new accounts to follow. Curating your Instagram feed with plant based accounts, provides support, and can spark ideas. 

Going plant based is easier with planning and support. As plant based lifestyle grows in popularity, it's easier to find what you need to ensure success. All products at Knife and Spoon are geared toward your plant based journey. Check our website to add a few things to your pantry and make your plant based meals more nutritious and delicious. 

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