Come to India with us

Come to India with us

Welcome, fellow wigmakers, to a journey of discovery and transformation! Today, we embark on a voyage to a land where craftsmanship meets culture, where quality intertwines with authenticity – welcome to India, the ultimate destination for aspiring wigmakers!

Embracing the journey to India seven years ago was a game-changer, Wigmaker! By connecting directly with top-notch hair vendors, we not only elevated the quality but also cut out the middleman, ensuring you receive nothing but the best!  India holds a special place in this journey, being a hub of exceptional hair craftsmanship that resonates with our commitment to excellence. 🇮🇳💇‍♀️ Here’s to the beauty, culture, and authenticity that fuels our passion! 🙌

Embracing the Journey: Seven years ago, we made a pivotal decision to venture into the heart of India. Little did we know that this decision would shape the very essence of our craft. It was a game-changer, a moment of revelation that would redefine our standards of excellence.

Join us, The Chef N The Wigmaker, on an extraordinary odyssey that transcends borders and celebrates the artistry of hair. Having visited India not once, but twice, We've delved deep into the vibrant tapestry of this mesmerizing country, seeking inspiration and forging connections with the most skilled hair vendors.

Venturing into bustling local markets, We've scoured through an array of natural hair extensions, immersing ourselves in the rich diversity that defines Indian beauty. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the colorful markets of Mumbai, each vendor We've encountered shared their unique expertise, adding layers to my understanding of hair craftsmanship.


Spend 2 whole days visiting and meeting with hair vendors to acquire the best hair to create your own collection with at a discounted price. 

Now, inspired by these enriching experiences, we are thrilled to extend an invitation to fellow enthusiasts, wigmakers, and those curious about the intricate world of wig-making. Picture yourself navigating the vibrant streets, and envision the transformation as you immerse yourself.

This isn't just a visit to India; it's a curated exploration of India's beauty traditions, designed for those who share a passion for authenticity and a love for the art of wig-making. Together, we will unlock the secrets of Ayurvedic haircare, witness cultural extravaganzas, and create memories that weave the fabric of our shared journey.

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